A.H. - Palo Alto, CA.

"Thank you so much for all the time, care and love you have put into helping me! I can't tell you how beautiful and confident you've helped me to feel!"

L.B. - Palo Alto, CA.

"You are an incredibly talented & gifted person when it comes to fashion. You helped me put together a few outfits with things I never would have considered & when u left I ended up feeling much better about myself & my clothes".

N.N. - Los Altos, CA.

"Thanks YummoMummo for being such a wonderful inspiration to me. Your ease with looking so fabulous is contagious and I look so forward to your next post. You've helped me realize that personal style can and should be fun and achievable, on any budget. It's all about how it makes you feel. Thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey with you"

M.O. - Palo Alto, CA.

"I love YummoMummo as it gives me suggestions about what to wear, makeup and other things that can come handy for all women out there. Melissa has such an appealing style, being clever about what she is writing, yet so down to earth. I think this is what makes her so unique and easy to relate to.  I love reading what she is up to and especially loved one of her posts about jewelry organization. I got so inspired so I went ahead and did the same myself (see photo above). I had all my jewelry in a drawer and did seldom change, after I read her post I fixed a jewelry rack in my walk in closet, so now I go and get dressed and have it there, right in front of my eyes. Such a clever way, not a lot of effort, yet a great impact on the way I use my jewelry. And this is it. Melissa finds creative and affordable ways, to make great changes when it comes to style."

G.C. - Palo Alto, CA.

"It was an absolute pleasure raiding my wardrobe with Melissa! I have a history of dressing very safe. Even though I would occasionally buy more colorful clothes, I would not use them often, reaching instead for the same old black shirt. Melissa helped me come up with many many combinations I would not have thought of. Best of all, she really works with where you are and makes sure that you feel comfortable in the choices she helps you make. In two hours, I got over 25 combinations that fit my style and taste and Melissa identified some staples that I have put on my shopping list for the future. Thanks, Melissa!!"

A.H. - Palo Alto, CA.

"Melissa is a miracle worker! She came and magically transformed my existing wardrobe while I was at the office. When I came home the assortment of outfits (paired with accessories!) felt so fresh I thought she had gone out and bought me an entirely new wardrobe. She brings freshness to event the most stale, tired closet. If you need styling for a special event or even help shopping, Melissa can tackle that too! She really listens and takes your existing wardrobe, personal style and preferences into consideration. With all that in mind, Melissa created a variety of outfit choices for me to review - and I loved them ALL. They were flattering for my body type and felt completely like me (I even owned a few of the pieces she used to create outfit inspiration!) but weren't outfits I would have ever chosen for myself. I can't go out wearing one of Melissa's ensembles without being complimented. She really knows how to make someone look - and FEEL - their best. "

A.B. - Los Altos, CA.

“Melissa’s services have been a game changer for me. Although I don’t consider myself a style novice, Melissa helped me to streamline my bloated wardrobe, supplement with key missing pieces (that she purchased on sale), and turn my existing and new pieces into a series of combinations that I never would have been able to put together on my own and that upped my style game 1000%. She has an incredible sense of style and a fantastic range — she quickly learned what style and pieces appeal to me and managed to turn my wardrobe into dozens of combinations for a range of looks that has increased my confidence enormously. She also has become my personal shopper, finding great sale items, essentials and quirky pieces, texting me photos, and then purchasing and bringing to my home (and returning if need be). She sources well-priced or sale items so her services basically pay for themselves. :) I asked her to put together a photo “look book” that contains photos of all the different wardrobe combos, and she made me two incredible books with more than 100 outfits that has taken all of the mental work out of getting dressed for daily wear or a special occasion. I wake up, flip through the book, and point to an outfit that is complete with shoes and accessories. And I literally get daily compliments on my outfits while never repeating a single one. She has also packed for vacations and trips for me, which has been an amazing time saver and prevented the usual overpacking. On top of it, Melissa works incredibly efficiently and is a joy to work with. She is truly talented, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone"

T.B., San Jose

"I was invited to a wedding and had a dress to wear but Ive always been lost when it comes to accessories. That's when I asked for help. I had a blast shopping with Melissa! She knew exactly where to take me for the best deals and was able to get me more than I expected all within my budget. I went to my event feeling absolutely confident in the choices we picked out. I would definitely use her and her eye for the smallest detail in the future and highly recommend her to everyone". T.B. , San Jose

H.G - Palo Alto

"Melissa was a great help to me - both in buying new clothes and reorganizing my closet so that I could use my existing clothes! The best part for me was shopping efficiently - we devoted a morning to shopping. Melissa had prepared beforehand and had lots of ideas. It was super efficient and I came away with several outfits, below the total budget we had planned! I now have a clear idea of what to wear. Melissa got me organized and fashionable at the same time. And it was fun!"

C.R., Palo Alto

This year I decided that my closet was full to bursting and that I did not need any more clothes, and yet I found myself completely uninspired and wanting to go and buy more. I love clothes and have no problem styling but was hating them all. That's when I called on Melissa and asked for her help. I figured that her help would cost me far less in dollars and integrity than adding to my already ridiculously full closet. Well, she blew me away, we had such fun! She came in and created 30 outfits in less than two hours using everything I already had in my closet. We even accessorized with my jewelry shoes and bags. I felt like I'd been on a massive shopping spree and I hadn't even left my house. She put outfits together I wouldn't have dreamed of, that were stylish, fun and very 'me'. Best of all she photographed every one of them and then created a look book. I confess that this was a game changer as not long after she left I couldn't remember all of the things we'd put together but when the look book showed up I had this instant access to her styling genius and now every morning all I need to do is open the book and pick an outfit. Melissa rocks when it comes to creating an amazing closet that boosts your confidence and makes you start every day feeling great!

K.N., Los Altos

When I bid on her wardrobe consult at the school auction, I wasn't sure what to expect.. Wow! What a great experience. Melissa arrived, fearlessly dove into my cramped closet and began easily assembling outfits in surprisingly simple ways that I couldn't imagine. She has such creative ease and a practical approach that made it a snap to clear out 10 years of accumulation without looking back. I could have never done it on my own. After her consult, I've begun wearing some of my same items but in smart new ways and most importantly, with a sense of confidence. I look forward to working with her again and recommend her highly to anyone with a closet!