Meet Miss Lilly’s Kimocape – a must have.

Posted on: June 13, 2016 by Yummo Mummo

Holy Kimocape, Batman! Meet the Ikat Kimocape {gifted} from Miss Lilly. Summer is finally here and I know that means  a lot of time by the pool, and a lot of vacation packing. As a wardrobe stylist, I pack clients for trips whether it’s business or pleasure (or a bit of both),  so I KNOW you are going to absolutely appreciate the beautiful and extremely versatile Kimocape. See below how I have styled it 3 ways. But that’s not all folks……… use as a swim cover up by the pool, as a breastfeeding cover  OR a lightweight summer dressing gown for around the house (insert strong coffee here).  So technically that’s SIX ways right there. PLUS there are a range of patterns and colors.


Miss Lilly is offering my readers a special offer for ONLY TWO WEEKS – type in YUMMOMUMMO at checkout to receive 10% off your order for a limited time. Free shipping within Australia and International shipping on all orders is $10 (which is pretty good if you ask me!) Offer expires 6/26/2016. 


Great chance to mix some patterns here with the Ikat print and stripes. As I have told you before, black and white stripes are a neutral in the pattern world and go with EVERYTHING. Ikat Kimocape / AUD $79.95 /  HERE


Styled three ways — add a black sundress, a striped sundress, a belt and some neutral shoes with accessories and you have three days of outfits right there. You’re welcome.


If I look ready to hit the cocktail hour at the resort, you’d be absolutely correct.


A black sundress – at the top of the list of any wardrobe staple for summer. Love the bright Ikat print against the black base. Add fun accessories and …. voila.


DL Flyer- Wrap Instructions

Image credit : MISS LILLY

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