Want to find your perfect lip color? This gadget will amaze you.

Posted on: April 3, 2016 by Yummo Mummo

Have you ever wondered how to find the perfect shade of color for your skin tone? Well, hold the phone, it can be done now thanks to IQ technology. Being the curious cat I am,  I headed into my local Sephora store last week to check it out and report right back to you. 

Now, you know I love a great red, but what if I could find the PERFECT red, one matched so perfectly based on my skin undertones. See what I chose below and be the judge for yourself. 

The first step was using the handheld device, a little number put out by Pantone, the very same company that decides the fashion colors for the seasons. The Sephora consultant held the device up to my jawbone for a few beeps and let the machine do it’s magic. It then came up with a specific code based on my specific skin tone. For interests sake, I am 1Y08 (the Y standing for yellow/golden undertones). That code is then input into a computer system, that then hooks me up with every imaginable red lipstick in the store that works perfectly with my skin tone. How awesome is that? 


Image credit from Sephora.com


And its not just for reds – choose berry, nude, pinks, corals, universals and unconventionals (think about blacks and purples) lip colors.  The color IQ code can also be used to find my perfect foundation and concealer match too.



Image from flyer in People Style Watch Magazine / March 2016


So which new fabulous red am I sporting. Well, not only did I choose a new red, but I swayed from my traditional wind up lipstick to a wand. This wand is different to the rest, it really does dry matte and gives me awesome staying power for half the day. A crucial criteria in my book. 


Meet my new red friend, Ruby Luster.


At the time I tried the color IQ service in store, there was no charge, so why not absolutely try this for yourself the next time you are in store. Click here for more information at Sephora.com

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