Empowering Media Vs Not

Posted on: March 22, 2016 by Yummo Mummo

As my readers know, I am all about body positivity, empowerment, encouragement, inspiration and love- pure love.  So if you’re coming along for that ride, then welcome aboard, I am absolutely thrilled to have you here. 

So, I really enjoy grabbing a latte and a great mag,  and hitting the California sunshine to get some inspiration and brush up on season trends. I recently came across this cover on a magazine stand at CVS and the moment I saw it, my blood started to boil.


This was exactly the problem with what the media are feeding women, and why I believe promoting positive body image is such an important role. There is not one iota of self empowerment in this cover. It is nothing else but deflating. It gives me the impression that it was “easy”, which I believe is untrue and unfair to say. Not every woman stops to think about the TEAM Khloe has behind her such as the chef, the dietitian, the trainer, the yoga instructor, the buckets of money. Unrealistic vices not available or affordable in the everyday woman’s realm. And for the record, it does not make her ‘better than ever’ simply because she’s dropped 30 pounds. Chloe has the same personality she had 30 pounds ago. Women can be led to believe that a divine life is easily obtainable, and that all their problems will be solved if she has the perfect body. Your mortgage doesn’t get paid off & Oprah doesn’t come knocking at your door.  I believe authentic happiness comes  when you embrace yourself for who you are today, you stop putting pressure on yourself and you shift your gears towards what is achievable. I don’t believe in magic wands or silver bullets.  I follow a leadership coach on Instagram @coachthais. She recently said, and I am summarizing here – “Self acceptance is the most powerful work you can do. The more permission we give to ourselves in the privacy of our minds, the more authentic we can be with others”. So, I encourage you, my friends. Will you allow yourself to let go a little of how you think you should be living your life, and take a look at yourself in the now and think perhaps, just perhaps, that you are pretty damn awesome sauce just the way you are. I just know you are.

I absolutely respect what it takes for a client to let me into her wardrobe, her personal space, where a lot of emotion can be tied to wardrobe. And it doesn’t surprise me that no woman is immune to less than positive body image thoughts. The most important part is to learn how to embrace and celebrate who you are.  And I always tell my clients that the key to gaining power in their wardrobe is to first know their body type, and in that lies the power of know how to dress it.  Knowledge is power.  So you want to rock a fabulous skirt this Saturday night? Then no problem.  Learn what skirt to wear for you body type. Following are the sort of articles I DO like to read, as they are empowering and informative for every women, regardless of her body type. 


Great tips for rocking a fabulous Full Skirt. People Style Watch / February 2016



Rocking that skirt on a petite frame. Just like I said, once you know the knowledge of how to dress your body type, the power is all yours. Would’t that feel great?! People Style Watch / February 2016


For the record,  my magazine of choice would be People Style Watch. Their content is so down to earth, obtainable and affordable. If you want the heads up on this season trends as well as where to buy some fun pieces at affordable prices, then this is a great read for the next time you have your own latte in hand. Enjoy the Sunshine.

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