Wardrobe is my Color Therapy

Posted on: February 2, 2016 by Yummo Mummo

Last week was two awesome things: 1.  SO much fun, and 2. not a typical January week. You know why? Because I ditched the black and grey and introduced color, glorious color, to my every day wardrobe. And I didn’t just save the fun for myself, I invited all my Facebook followers to join in on the fun, and oh how they did. Sound like quite a colorful week long party? You betcha!

If you would like to be included in my next #stylechallenge, come and say hi and ask to hang out with me on my  Facebook pageYou’ll also find plenty of fashion inspiration from my everyday life.  Not on Facebook? There is always Instagram @yummomummo for my  real Mum style and daily outfits of the day.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that wardrobe is very powerful for me. I am truly touched by the psychology behind it and how a simple outfit can make a woman feel fearless, empowered and downright unstoppable. So after my challenge, I wanted to know what it felt like to the participants of the #color #stylechallenge. Some responses were “It put a spring in my step”, “my 3 year old said ‘beautiful mama’ “, “it made me put extra thought into my clothing choices”, “it cheered me up when I looked in  the mirror”, “it made me choose a brighter shirt than I would have and also choose an accessory”. These responses were all music to my ears.  Click the link for blog my previous post on WE FEEL WHAT WE WEAR 

Following are the #color #stylechallenge outfits and accessories I wore for the week.


MONDAY. By adding a simple corsage and coral stripes, this top screamed “C’mon Spring”. True fact: this corsage was originally a hair fascinator that I trimmed the netting off of. This flower is a hot accessory to a lot of my outfits. Great way to bling out a jacket.



TUESDAY. What are the benefits of a 4 year old photographer? I look way taller than my 164cm frame! Happy Days! I also feel like half my wardrobe involves stripes or polka dots. It’s impossible to have too many dots and stripes.


WEDNESDAY. Rad Plaid. And a simple strand of pearls goes a long way to accessorizing any outfit.



THURSDAY. Color is not just limited to fabrics. Think about accessories and nails! I am always up for an arm party / Sawyer Stone Stretch Bracelet in Turquoise / $49  and pops of color in this fabulous pair of Totem Tassel chandelier earrings / $59. www.stelladot.com/melissamenzies


FRIDAY. Take a strapless summer dress in a fabulous cobalt blue geometric design and add a navy blue shark bite sweater. Lots of flow, fun and length. There’s those fabulous Totem Tassel earrings again for $59. And another arm party involving the Gilded Path double wrap bracelet for $59 / and the Cage Cuff (middle) for $44. www.stelladot.com/melissamenzies


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