The Hair Tie Bracelet by Bittersweet

Posted on: January 12, 2016 by Yummo Mummo

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself “Genius, this is pure genius”? Well, that’s what I thought when I saw the Hair Tie Bracelet from Bittersweet. I constantly have a hair band around my wrist, whether it’s for me or my 9 year old daughter. And it annoys me, especially when I forget to take it off before bed and when I wake up from swelling during the night, I have wrist marks.  And yes, I do swell when I sleep. Doesn’t everyone?


Meet your new best accessory (friend), from Bittersweet. The Classic Design Hair Tie Bracelet. It’s sold by The Grommet. Head to the link to find out the story behind the idea.  The cost is $45, and choices are Silver, Rose Gold or Gold. Also comes with a hair tie bracelet, can accommodate thick or thin hair tie elastics, and is made of alloy with an electromagnetic finish.  Also shown on my arm party is (left) Sparkle Inspiration Bangle from Stella and Dot, (middle) my hugely sentimental Tiffany’s heart bracelet (I had to push a baby out for that!), and (far right) the Inspiration Bangle – Love – also from Stella and Dot


I did find some less expensive alternatives on Etsy HERE, although I don’t see the quality I do by paying the higher price with Bittersweet. Ive seen the design face on, and it’s pretty attractive with our without the hair tie.

I have been finding that they are constantly sold out, especially always the Flower Design Hair Tie Bracelet which is actually the one I am wearing in the photo. They’ve said “More on the Way” since I had this picture taken in early November. I would have thought with the Christmas season that they would have gotten their game on. However, the classic design is available!


If your up for some even more reading, here is an article I found on THE HUFFINGTON POST

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