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Posted on: January 6, 2016 by Yummo Mummo

2015 has come to a close, and I am having a chance to reflect on what a GREAT year it was. As with any year, it’s had its ups and downs. Funny how life is, but it helps us grow and appreciate the ups so much more.   I started Yummo Mummo in 2014, as a creative outlet to share with a girlfriend what I was wearing on a Saturday night. I was always obsessed with the details of an outfit and to be able to show that in a blog post and to share the little details, just felt SO awesome. I never imaged, as I sit here and type in January 2016, that it would grow into what it is today. I recently met up with a new client and I was talking to her a bit more about my background and why I do what I do. I also told her how blessed, grateful, appreciate and thankful I was that my job had me sitting with her having this lovely chat and then proceeding to find wardrobe for her that would make her feel incredible and empowered. I feel like one helluva lucky lady.

I went on a job interview recently. Not that I was looking for it, it found me, and I always believe that any experience has something to learn from it, so I went along. Plus, I’m always keen to hear about my marketspace and what people are up to.  The interview was eye-opening, and re-affirmed something about my path that I was hoping I was achieving.  What they wanted from me was the polar opposite to how Yummo Mummo is wired. I’m sitting across from two extremely polished pre-kids 20-somethings.   Two things that struck me throughout our conversation; one, how absolutely brand obsessed they were. Yummo Mummo is not about brands or labels. I like a brand for good quality but not for it to define me as a fashionista. Yummo Mummo helps women find wardrobe that makes them celebrate their awesomeness, helps them feel empowered and compliments their sense of style. Whatever brand that happens to be, it just happens to be. It’s not defining. Secondly, I was given an interview question scenario about a pair of jeans for a new Mom, aged 35, waist still shrinking etc.  God forbid I mentioned NYDJ for their fabulous high waist and lift/tuck technology as I was told that sounds so “momsy” (the client was a 35 yo mom!) and god forbid I mentioned elastic waist jeans. I am rocking my new Jag Jeans Elastic pants and get tonnes of compliments on them. So much so, Jag Jeans sent me a fabulous box of goodies for an upcoming sponsored post as they so appreciated my style and approach.  So although I walked away from this interview not feeling good about myself (that I wasn’t young enough, fashionable enough, or brand obsessed enough), I was over it by mid-afternoon and so glad that I stayed true to me and my philosophy. As I approach my 40’s, I love this outlook life is showing me, to feel how i want to feel, say what I want to say and not give a damn what others think.


So back to the fabulous year of 2015.  The biggest thing I have done this year is lean into discomfort – A LOT. This is hard to do and takes quite alot of talking to myself and telling my self-doubt to shut the fuck up (or for the G rated version – simmer down sista!). You see, by leaning into discomfort, you grow and in much more ways than you realize. I’ll tell you a secret, every time I meet a new client, I am petrified and my self doubt goes into overdrive. I think of the what if’s that won’t happen. What if we can’t find anything (I rely on what’s in store)? What if she thinks I’m a joke? What if she thinks my suggestions suck eggs? And what if I have one of those brain farts I get, where I sound like a moron?  But then I think about all my fabulous clients, the enoucraging comments, the people that follow me (and never even  met me), the influence that people tell me YummoMummo has made in their life, and where YummoMummo is at today and how it is growing great guns. Growing so much so, that I find it hard to keep up and have so many wonderful ideas for 2016 (sounds like I need Yummo Mummo help, suggestions welcome).

This year, I also learnt where this self-doubt comes from – the lizard brain.  We are born with this part of our brain, and its job is to keep us small and hidden, to protect us. It’s only doing its job, but if I let my lizard brain take over, I’d just fold up shop and hop to bed for the rest of my life. So although leaning into discomfort is DAMN hard, and I mean, DAMN DAMN hard, it has also helped me achieve all that I have in 2015. (Plus the tonne of blood, sweat and tears that goes into building an empire all the while raising three kids and no money for a nanny – donations welcome LOL).


So in conclusion, my fabulous readers, I encourage you to lean into discomfort yourself as we head into 2016 and unlock all the amazing things you can achieve. Shut that lizard brain off and go climb a mountain, attack your bucket list, take the step towards your dreams and create the life you want. If you need some help, I have a fabulous suggestion to get you on your way. I recently did a 6 week program with The Body Image Movement, with whom I am a Global Ambassador for (#ihaveembraced #honormycurves). The Unstoppable Program was life changing, as I learnt about my core desired feelings and how to make sure I was leading a life that embraced those core desired feelings. The program was life changing for me, even coming from someone who thought she had her crap together. There is always room to grow in life, to learn and embrace all the wonderfulness that life has to offer. And yes, you can create the life you desire. Guess what, you just have to lean into discomfort, and those wonderful tummy butterflies only mean your alive. Details of the Unstoppable Program HERE.



*This is not a sponsored blog post for The Body Image Movement and I was not influenced. I am just sharing a program experience for me that I thoroughly enjoyed.

7 responses to “Leaning In – the YummoMummo story”

  1. Great words and advice Melissa. Isn’t it wonderful to own that you’re OK just the way you are, actually not OK but fabulous, and to know when something isn’t right for you.

    • Yummo Mummo says:

      Thanks so much for reading Jan. I thinking having fabulous women, such as yourself, in one’s life is so important too.

  2. jen says:

    love love love! cheers to mom jeans!

  3. Beck Cattermole says:

    I love this post, I think it’s my favourite one you’ve written. Having watched your blog grow into an amazingly inspiring business, you radiate happiness and success. Well done Mel xx

    • Yummo Mummo says:

      Thanks so much Beck, you’ve been one of my biggest supporters and your care and encouragement has helped build YummoMummo into what it is today.

  4. Leith says:

    Just reading this now but LOVE it. There’s no doubt it’s hard to lean in to discomfort, especially when as women we’ve been raised to please others. But the benefits are incredible as you’re showing through your experience. Keep on going sista!!

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