Guest post – Flat Bum Mum – What was HOT in Australia this winter.

Posted on: September 25, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

I have been a follower, and a fan, of Flat Bum Mum since I got into the fashion blogging and Instagram world. First of all, she’s Aussie, she has a great sense of humor and makes me giggle, I love her style, and she does what I do – but across the other side of the planet. Love my Aussie fashionistas.

So, since Australia is on opposite seasons, I am always following what’s on trend there to see what I can suss out is coming our way. That brings us to Fall/Winter 2015 (FW15). Take it away Bron of Flat Bum Mum……….


A big hi from Australia!
I’m Bron, just an average mum with a really flat bum. Managing to maintain my style while raising three young girls and helping other mums along the way.
I am so excited to share my three top trends for winter. After a long, cold winter us Aussies are desperate to get back in our thongs (no, not those thongs, this is Australia not Brazil.)
Here’s what got Aussie girls through our winter…

fur vest and denim shirt dress-2
Fur Vests Game of Thrones eat your heart out. Mums all over Melbourne were getting their Viking vibe on in their furriest vests. The bigger the better. This was a trend that couldn’t be ignored. Even this Flat Bum Mum had to get involved and I decided I was going ALL IN! The bigger the better.


bohemian traders jeans and blanket-3
50 Shades of Grey Grey was THE colour of the season for winter. I know we were all supposed to be loving ‘Marsala’ the Pantone colour of the year but I’m telling you Melbourne could not get enough grey. Soft greys, light greys and even dark greys. This colour was MASSIVE!


Ankle boots Although many of us were still rocking our knee highs (and some even dared to slip into thigh highs) the biggest shoe trend by far was ankle boots. Lace ups, side buckles, and double zips were all involved and the colour range was EPIC. My ankle boot pics – tan and black.


me in stripes
Stripes! These nautical numbers aren’t going ANYWHERE! Stripes are here to stay girls.

My biggest tips for winter dressing.
Buy trend pieces that work with your current wardrobe.
NEVER say NEVER! If you had asked me a year ago if I would be sporting a fur vest around town I would have laughed in your face. Then I would have laughed some more.
Layer up. Nothing is worse than the sweaty regret of wearing one thick layer that you can’t take off.

I hope you all have a wonderful winter filled with fun, family and of course fashion!
Thank you so much for having me at Yummo Mummo HQ Melissa.
Stay Stylish.
Bron xo

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  1. Ruth says:

    Love flat bum mum and I agree with all these trends. Love ankle boots and grey is definitely my fav color!

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