5 Tips to turn OFF your harshest critic (yourself).

Posted on: August 28, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

My butt was plastered in the newspaper last week. Talk about a moment to take a deep breath and exercise turning off my inner-critic and practicing self-love. In all honesty, who DOES love having their butt plastered in the newspaper, for school parents to show you and say “Look, it’s you!” They are looking at me, I am looking at my rear end!

Self doubt, self-loathe, self-critique – its within all of us. It’s like that little devil sitting on one of your shoulders ready to get in your ear the first chance it gets. Well, I’m going to share with you some tricks I use, some pointers, to help you turn it around and shut down that self-doubt. Believe me when I say it’s a constant work in practice and I think it always will be. As my readers know, I am a Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement, but this doesn’t make me immune to an off body-image day. One of my fellow Body Image Movement Global Ambassadors (BIMGA) had this to say  about self-confidence, and I thought it rang so true and is so pivotal to remember “It’s a daily commitment to being better every day. Confidence is something you have to put on and wear. Sometimes we have to touch it up throughout the day like lipstick.” I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such amazing women (and man) in my group, the Body Image Movement has some incredible supporters.



I think it can be misleading when people just take me for the outside. I mean, it’s hard not to when you just see me showing off a cute skirt or what I wore last Saturday night. But in all things, you have to peel away the layers to get to the true heart, the core. And you can see, I have the same self-doubt anyone has, the self-criitiqe. I am human.

My 5 tips to Shut Off Your Worst Critic (YOU)!

  1. Shut it down. When you hear that critical self even open it’s mouth, shut it QUICKLY. Don’t even let it get it’s first breath out. Immediately switch it. E.g. “How cool, I’m in the local newspaper!”
  2. Tune out. Change of scene, change of topic, whatever. Getting out and about in nature brings you back to a quieter state of mind. Notice the trees, the sky, the birds or whatever you might be surrounded by, so you can provide your mind with the necessary space to unwind and get back to the present.
  3. Good sleep. I have always said that good sleep is absolutely paramount . It’s like a domino effect. You sleep well – you make better choices – you are nicer to your kids (in my case) – you eat better (and drink better) – and your state of mind is at it’s best. I remember thinking with each of my three babies, when I was in the thick of disrupted sleep and absolute exhaustion, my mind was at it’s worst and I couldn’t make head or tails. It was insane and I can see why sleep deprivation was a form of mental and physical torture in the war.
  4. Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Ok, time for an actual exercise. Stand  in front of the mirror (when you have had a good night’s sleep LOL) and say three positive things right off the bat e.g I like this color on me, I’m proud I got my 8 glasses of water into myself today, it felt good to give some food to the homeless man in the park. Then walk away and get on with your day.
  5. Learn to take a compliment. Why not practice this in that mirror at the same time as step 4! If someone says something positive about you, they might actually mean it, don’t you think?

What do you do to turn  off your critical self?



3 responses to “5 Tips to turn OFF your harshest critic (yourself).”

  1. Julienne says:

    These are really good tips! I feel like #1 is super obvious, but it is always the one I forget! 🙂

  2. Stephanie T says:

    Love this post, it is all so true!

  3. Sound advice, Melissa! Thank you. With regard to your Tip #1, please may I suggest considering using such phrases with oneself as the seven replies to shut down negative voices (be they others’ or one’s own, tiny, inner one) that are suggested here? https://www.themuse.com/advice/7-perfect-replies-to-politely-shut-down-negative-people

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