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Posted on: July 21, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

There has been some fashionable controversy in O’ Magazine about who should, and who should not, wear a crop top. 
I don’t agree with what was written in O Magazine (see pic below). What do I think? I think you should wear what the heck you want!  I believe anyone, – whatever size, shape, or budget, can wear a crop top. 
And I am going to show you how I, an in-betweenie (size 12) 39 year Mum with a stomach that has been pregnantly (not a an actual word) stretched 3 times, am rocking a crop top! I have a few different options, something for every comfort level! Let the show begin (cue catwalk music).

Can I just say, I LOVE the cobalt blue of this top.  My #1 favorite fashion color. I have paired with a high waisted black skirt and my comfy striped flats. This is THE most comfortable outfit. I don’t feel self-conscious at all, there is stretch and the black skirt hides my tummy if I’m feeling a little bloated. Top by S.H.E // $24.97 // Nordstrom Rack // Current

The question and response in O Magazine that upset some fashionistas! Photo credit : People Magazine. Readers respond on social media wearing crop tops with #RockTheCrop

Keep your eyes out for a blog post coming your way on this wrap polka dot skirt I picked up in Hawaii. It’s more than you think! Since the skirt is high waisted, the skirt and crop top just meet. Reach up high to touch the sky and there’ll be a little sneaky peek of my fluoro white belly! Ha Ha.
Top by Lush // $16.97 // Nordstrom Rack // Current

This is a fun option. I have paired this ultra flowy crop top by adding it on top of a basic black dress. (Disclosure : since my head is down, it brings the crop lower than normal). Top by Lush // $21.97 // Nordstrom Rack // Current 

Here I am harnessing my inner Jackie O, and it feels “O”h so good! More of a formal look and fun to boot! Crop Top by Free Press // $21.97 // Nordstrom Rack // Current
Skirt by Free Press // $24.97 // Nordstrom Rack // Current

This look says “Hey, you can’t tell me I can only wear a crop top if I have a flat stomach!”.  I’ve had this high waisted skirt for donkey’s years and I love it, from Bebe. This top looks made for it. Mixing some print by adding some cheetah in the necklace with stripes. Fun. #effyourbeautystandards
Crop Top by S.H.E // $26.97 // Nordstrom Rack // Current

Haven’t had enough of #RockTheCrop ? I recently shared a post on FB from a blogger who was disappointed with what was written in O’ Magazine too. Read her post on Rock the Crop Top.

Leave me your thoughts below. I read and respond to all comments! 

7 responses to “#RockTheCrop Top”

  1. You go girl! Looking awesome as always!

  2. Sandy Sloan says:

    Rock on! My rule of thumb: if you feel confident and beautiful in what you wear, that's all that matters! Confidence is empowering. That's what you exude when people see you rocking an outfit you love. And you rocked every single outfit in the pictures above. Everyone will know when an item of clothing isn't right for them. When they keep checking themselves, tugging here, pulling there, and likely doing it all without a smile….that's the time to say no. Not by living under someone else's rules. Keep on styling!

  3. Danielle says:

    You are so refreshing Melissa!!! Thank you for making fashion accessible to all!! I dont know that I'm ready to rock the crop, but I might have to try it after seeing how well you pulled it off! xo

  4. Suzanne Bell says:

    First off, you absolutely rock the crop top! And I am with you, I totally disagree with O magazine. I am 47, do not have a flat stomach (thanks to 2 beautiful kids I would not trade my tummy for anything) and I believe it is all in how you wear it. The key as you showed us is finding the right piece and wearing it for your body type. I recently paired up a eyelet top from Theory with a highwaisted full patterned Anthro skirt. My tummy did not show, due to the high paperboy waist and the crop sat very comfortable on top of the skirt. Its my favorite look from the month as the crop top instantly updated the look. I love all your looks, especially the Jackie O inspired one. Thank you for putting this out there for all of us to be open to trying new things! XOXO

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