Magic skirt! 1 skirt – 10 ways

Posted on: July 24, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

Have you ever come across one of these skirts? The kind they say can be worn up to 100 ways? In true fashion blogger style, this is what I brought home from my Hawaii vacation. And those of you who know me so well, know that versatility is one of my favorite subjects when it comes to a fashion item. I’m showing you 10 ways.
I know there are some of you out there who have this skirt sitting in your wardrobe and you’ve totally forgotten how to wear it (I know two lovely ladies for sure), so pull it out and let me show you some ways to wear it. Follow me on my FB page and you’ll see some upcoming video tutorials on each one shown here. 
Here is the skirt just classically wrap tied around my waist! I love the high waist, it hits me at my most flattering place, the smallest part of my waist.
This is a really fun way to wear the skirt, it becomes a dress! I’ve thrown on my sleeveless  denim vest. This adds a little something as well as giving me something on my shoulders if I’m not feeling like a strapless look. Comfort equals confidence. 
This look is so easy to achieve.  It’s basically holding the skirt at the armpits and then tying it in a criss cross around the neck. (Don’t forget to follow me at for video tutorial)
One more step on the last, pull two of the top layers up and tie.
Turning it into a one shoulders strap. All the looks are completely different. 
Just a little twist here, and a twist there and there we have it! 
Love how it becomes a long flowy top. Add some flared black jeans and my denim vest and I have on one of my most favorite outfits of July! 

I’d love to wear this on a romantic date night with my wonderful husband. Adding my crochet vest (see pic below) and things totally change.

And lastly, it can be worn as a wrap, a poncho, a shawl – whatever you want to call it. The Bay Area climate I live in is so cool at night, and sunny and gorgeous during  the day. Perfect!

The skirt was sold in a street stall by Island Republic (can’t find online) and cost $80 (I negotiated)!  For the versatility, I was willing to spend the money.  I chose a monochrome polka dot design as I felt it could be pulled together all year. Polka dots are such a classic, I will never tire of the design on this skirt. Pair with some cute brown boots in the winter time! And wear it as shown in the summer. However, there are some super cute colorful prints to buy. If you know anyone heading to Waikiki, I can point them in the direction of the stall that sold these skirts. 
I have found a YOU TUBE TUTORIAL that shows very easy instructions.
I have also found another company that sells them, for $120, at

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Leave me a comment below. What’s your favorite way I wore the wrap dress?

10 responses to “Magic skirt! 1 skirt – 10 ways”

  1. Suzanne Bell says:

    First off, I love them all, and am jealous that you figured out how to tie those things, because I can never get it right and you look FAB! I'll be watching the Utube video next! So, if I have to pick I like the date night strapless version and the twisted tie neck halter, but seriously they all look amazing! Love this post! Thanks for doing all the work and sharing these tips with us! Welcome back! XOXO

  2. KP says:

    I can't decide my favorite!!!!! You look amazing in them all. xxx

  3. Wow!!!! That is a great piece of clothing. Definitely worth the 80 dollars. I like it as a dress best on you. Although the wrap looks fab too. Bron x

  4. That is one versatile unit! Loving all these looks. I've always wanted one of these things but it's always outweighed by the sheer effort of wearing a strapless bra!

  5. Lydia C. Lee says:

    These were sold in all the hotels in Hawaii (I was thinking that & then read your last para!!) looks great – I like the 1 strap over shoulder best…but they all look good.

  6. carly c says:

    That is so cool 🙂 great post.

    I also have a blog which you might like, i share beauty, fashion, fitness & lifestyle. let me know what you think if you check it out 🙂

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