Wine, Women & Shoes for AHCF

Posted on: June 9, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

If you follow me on social media at InstagramTwitter, or Facebook, then you would of seen my post that I was attending Wine, Women & Shoes (WW&S) last Saturday night.  This was the first time I have been to WW&S and holy moly, I had an absolute ball.  The event I attended was to raise money for AHCF (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood). To learn more about this disease and how you can help, head to I was so privileged to be able to support and donate to such an incredible organization. 
AHCF (The Egan family and their community to be exact) produced this amazing event with the signature of Wine Women and Shoes.  AHCF partnered with WW&S in the hope that the name “Wine Women and Shoes” would help their rare disease reach more people.  They are a very small foundation with approximately 400 AHC patients in the U.S., and 800 worldwide.  The disease is often misdiagnosed as seizures so the probability is more like 8000.
My fabulous friends – Amy, Lisa, Keiran and YummoMummo herself! Amy had her baby today, her third, a girl! 36 hours after this pic was taken. Doesn’t she look fabulous and good on her for donning her heels and walking the field! 
The equestrian fields were decked out with so many wines from local vineyards, and being so close to Sonoma and the Napa Valley, I can totally appreciate this. There were also vendors selling everything from handbags, to jewelry, to chic sunglasses, clothing and apparel. Who doesn’t like to literally walk the field shopping and enjoy so many delicious wines. 

Look at that be-aut-iful California sky! Onto the outfit…… you know I LOVE a chance to get dressed up! I love that I can pull out my faux fur in the summer and just pair it with a spaghetti strap.  I paired my chunky black metallic ring with a fun black beaded bracelet that’s all tied up! Love it! Statement jewelry fun. I am always working on my make up skills (thank you You Tube) so I was pleased with my eye make up (although a pro might differ in opinion). And lastly, the most important part of an event that involves shoes – what to wear, what to wear! My black pumps with cheetah platform. Ties in with the fur. Roar. (Disclosure: this pic was taken with kids coming in and out of that door behind me every 30 seconds). The neighbor’s kid must of wondered why on earth Mrs YummoMummo is dressed and standing in the corner like that.  I’m amazed I managed to capture this shot! 

 The view from where I was sitting, first row in front of the catwalk. Best seat in the house in my  opinion! 

Macy’s put on a show of what fun trends to look for this season. This show was amazing. I loved all the outfits and all the models were authentic and real Moms and women, just like you and me. 

 We were gifted some GREAT swag ($450 worth to be exact) so here is my friend Keiran showing you how excited we were. The vibe in the room was so electric, so supportive, so loving. It was like being in an Oprah audience. Sorry men, but sometimes I feel like if we could of harnessed that energy in the room by all these women, we could solve world peace, hunger and the global financial crisis. 

I chased this woman down the equestrian field and just had to ask her if I could take her picture. I really hope I am rocking it and having as much fun with fashion and style as she is at her age! You go girl! (I think she is maybe still wondering why this crazy blonde Aussie girl approached her for a picture – i gave her my card so I hoped that explained it all). 


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5 responses to “Wine, Women & Shoes for AHCF”

  1. Ashlyn Eliza says:

    You look so beautiful! Looks like it was an incredible event, such a great cause. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ursula Ball says:

    You and your friends look lovely!! So much fun 🙂

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  3. Your outfit and makeup looks fab, love the heels!

  4. Amazing pictures. It looks like you had a fabulous time and I love your outfit.

  5. Laura Ferry says:

    This looks like such a fabulous event and you've captured the essence of it so well. Loving all of the shoes and of course, your outfit! xxx

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