Design your own shoes!

Posted on: May 12, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

Ever wanted to design your own shoes? I wanted to share with you an ah-mazing shoe concept that I know a lot of my girlfriends could totally appreciate. I know that I’ve, many times, wanted to tweak my shoe to create the perfect pair to complete my outfit. I was sent information about this shoe concept and I just had to share with my readers. And they link back to my Australian roots, now available in the USA, shipping internationally. Head to their site to start designing your own pair, I know you’ll be hooked. And what would YummoMummo choose? I’d love the lower wedge. And my straps? I’ll take a zebra, a brown woven and a gold, thank you very muchly. 

The Conf3ss range provides four beautifully crafted styles and a vast, colourful assembly of
snappy interchangeable straps to create hundreds of different looks in an instant.
With four styles of heels and flats and dozens of designer straps on hand, they represent
hundreds of shoes that essentially can fit into a handbag and are also exceedingly
comfortable with extra padded lining and therapeutic magnets for extra comfort.

Catering to casual, pandering to playful or glamming it up to go out for dinner, these clever & stylish shoes save time and space at home and whilst traveling.  Never again will anyone
agonise over which shoes to take and which to leave behind as well as being able to match
shoes with any outfit, mood or personality in an instant.
Conf3ss offers a 365-day money back guarantee and free shipping and return policy with
full refunds available according to T&Cs for dissatisfaction, discomfort or incorrect sizing.

RRP $69.95 – $89.95 AUD including 3 sets of straps, free shipping & returns, 365 day warranty.

Discliamer : I did not receive product nor money for this post. I was provided the photos and written content. The opening paragraph until the first photo are my own words.

14 responses to “Design your own shoes!”

  1. Love these! So ordering

  2. Laura Ferry says:

    I'd love to design my own shoes! I've designed a dress before so next stop will be footwear! xxx

  3. What an awesome idea! I also like the low wedge. Thanks for sharing YummoMummo!

  4. Molly says:

    This looks like so much fun! I love how versatile they are and that you really only need one pair of shoes!

  5. This looks amazing! I would love to design my own shoes! Thanks for sharing:D x

  6. I will definitely be checking this out, I mean who doesn't want shoes that are custom and no one else has! and I love a cute wedge!!

  7. ohhh shoe wanties happening right now *hearts in my eyes* they are gorgeous

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