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Posted on: April 21, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

I wish you could walk a mile in my shoes.  Meet MoxShoes USA.  Originating from Australia (makes me especially proud to be Aussie), these basket-weaved ballet flats are 100% man-made rubber that mold to your feet for pure comfort. It doesn’t matter the shape of your foot, Mox Shoes can work for anyone. The weave design is very SS15 (Spring/Summer 2015) and it allows your feet to breath, which is great news for the summer months. And don’t forget the weave will also allow you to catch a glimpse of your super cute pedicure.  I can’t stress enough how versatile these shoes are. Dress them up for work and throw them on with your bathing suit for the pool. And being waterproof, they are so easy to clean.  I’ve not taken mine off since they arrived, and want them in every color. I have a feeling you will be seeing Mox shoes on every stylish foot this summer!


YummoMummo readers can use promo code YUMMOMUMMO at check out to receive 10% off their order. This offer is only valid till May 21st so don’t delay if you want this fabulousness on your feet this Spring! www.moxshoes.com



Think of it as a ballet flat met a flip flop and they had a baby. Awww.
I walked the 40 minute round trip to school drop off and pick up last week, and purposely put on my Mox Shoes as they are so comfortable for walking. Imagine how great for women on their feet all day!

Look at the rainbow of fabulous colors // Black // Coral // Blueberry // Platinum // Latte. All $39.99, free introductory offer shipping.

Mox Shoes arrive in this super cute recyclable shopping bag. So you can carry your shopping and look so stylish doing so.

I interviewed Stacey and Amber who are heading up MoxUSA, to learn a bit more about them and MoxShoes USA……..

How was Mox Shoes USA born?

Family of Stacey’s friends in Australia started the business in 2011.  When they came to visit Stacey in the USA they brought her a pair and it was love at first wear.  After that, whenever Stacey visited Australia, she would bring them back for Amber and other US friends.  Every time we wore them we always got asked about them and thought the American market would love them just as much as we did.  We approached the Australian company and when they were ready to expand to the USA we were in business.  It was started by a stay at home Mom in Australia, which worked well for Amber and Stacey as well because we were both stay at home moms.  Mox Shoes USA was born in the Spring of 2015.
What is your best piece of style advice?
With being busy Mom’s, we want to make sure we can look great on the run as we move from one activity to the next.  Versatility is key for us.  We love outfits that can move you from school pick up, soccer training then onto a date night with the hubby.  Oh, and we love stripes! Our closets are full of striped t-shirts, sweaters and dresses.
Tell us three fun facts about yourself?
1.  It’s an all girl show here.  Amber has 2 daughters and Stacey has 3, between us they range from 12 yrs old to 4 months old.
2.  Both of us have ties to Australia.  Stacey is Australian and Amber lived there for a year.  Miss those Aussie beaches and friends!
3. We are fair weather girls.  The warm weather gives us all the opportunities to do the things we love such as hiking, swimming, backyard barbecues and of course sipping some bubbles on a summers evening.
Who is your Mox Shoes USA audience?


Mox shoes are such a versatile shoe that this anywhere shoe appeals to a large clientele. We have customers ranging from as young as 9 to as mature as 75. They are great for women from all walks of life, especially those who are on their feet continually such as teachers, hairdressers, and Mom’s. Their cute basket weave pattern and comfort also appeals to tweens as well!YummoMummo readers can use promo code YUMMOMUMMO at check out to receive 10% off their order. This offer is only valid till May 21st so don’t delay if you want this fabulousness on your feet this Spring! www.moxshoes.com

All photos and written content are property of YummoMummo. Disclaimer : I was gifted one pair of Mox Shoes. YummoMummo receives a percentage of the sale through click-through to purchase.


19 responses to “YummoMummo meets Mox Shoes USA”

  1. I love the pattern of these! They're like a super sophisticated version of the jellies I might have worn when I was a little girl. So perfect for summer!

  2. Thanks for finding our blog and directing us here! We just love our Mox!!!

  3. Ooh, I'll have to get me a pair! Super cute! Thanks for introducing me to yet another great product YummoMummo!

  4. Ursula Ball says:

    Great review of this Aussie now US shoe company!! I love the weave of the shoes and the colors for Spring/Summer plus they come in a shopping bag to reduce shoe package/waste!! Unless you are allergic to Rubber, its nice to have options in shoe shopping 🙂

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  5. Molly says:

    Those are cute and they sound like they'd be really comfortable!


  6. Laura Ferry says:

    Ooh these shoes are absolutely gorgeous, I love the mesh design, quite cooling I imagine! xxx

  7. These shoes are so cute and go with anything. I definitely feel like buying a pair myself for the Summer!

    • You will be doing yourself a HUGE favor it you buy these shoes. They are so comfortable and perfect for summer. I want the black pair next! If you do buy, use my code and let me know!

  8. Denise R says:

    Those shoes are so cute. I'm now really considering getting a pair. I love how you paired the blue & coral shoes & outfits. Beautiful outfits to match some beautifully-colored shoes!

    • You know how i love to have some fun pairing outfits and accessories. This was so much fun to put together! Glad you enjoyed. If you get a pair, I'd love to know what you choose and don't forget to use my code YUMMOMUMMO for discount at checkout. Have a great weekend.

  9. The colours of your shoes!! Great choices!! you look Fabulous

  10. Oh my goodness I LOVE them! So stinking cute! I might have to give these a try. Are they as comfy as you say?

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