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Posted on: April 7, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

I see the oh so wonderful Kimono as comfort clothing. Much like a cozy bathrobe.  As summer approaches, I am seeing so many kimono’s online and in stores. If you follow me on Polyvore (my profile link HERE), you will see some sets I have put together for inspirations on how to incorporate a fun kimono into your own wardrobe. Also, go to my Polyvore profile for pricing & details. There are different kimono lengths and trims such as black thick trim in the first set and fringing in others – another fun SS15 trend. One note on fringing – follow washing directions to the letter so the fringing does not fray – take it from from someone who learnt the hard way.

Kimono Inspiration #1

High waisted shorts are huge for SS15 which I am happy to see. I expect to see them continue into high-waisted pants for the Fall, let’s see if my prediction is right! I have mixed some patterns here with the stripes and floral as well as adding some versatility in the earrings by choosing fun front/back earrings. Pop in some gold flats for a little bling.

Kimono Inspiration #2

This just screams Hawaii. And I know a certain YummoMummo who is heading there to celebrate her awesome husbands 40th birthday this summer. The above combination is very flowy and fancy free. The braiding in the sandal is so SS15.  Insert cocktail into hand to complete this uber comfortable look.

Kimono Inspiration #3

Imagine this fun set for a lunch with the girls. Some champagne colors to match your champagne in hand! 

Kimono Inspiration #4

Ready to hit the Sunday markets in this fun set. Again, high waisted shorts set the SS15 scene, and paired with the red shoes which is flattering to the eye with this streamlined look. The slogan top is a great reminder to live life to the fullest, we all need a reminder some days.  I love the painted bracelet that pulls the black and white colors and compliments a pop of color in the red.

What is your favorite outfit combination?
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15 responses to “Yummo Kimono x”

  1. I love number 3! Gorgeous looks 🙂

  2. Nikki Minors says:

    I am officially drooling over these looks! I gotta have outfit #2, but I'll take them all! lol

  3. My favourite is kimono 1, its really pretty. I really need to buy one of these as they are so on trend.

  4. Laura Ferry says:

    You SERIOUSLY should be a stylist! I adore all of the outfits that you put together. So much inspiration in one post. I adore that black maxi dress xxx

  5. Ursula Ball says:

    Love No. 3 style the best for its kimono!!! You have a gift for suggested style tips!!

  6. Oh I love the last outfit. The red is beautiful xxx

  7. I love the first outfit, the kimono is just stunning x

  8. Love all of your kimono inspirations! Years ago, I had a beautiful kimono style black satin flowered jacket that I wore to death. Why did I give it away? I like all of your inspirations, but I think I like #1 and #4 the best.

  9. I LOVE KIMONOS<3 Deffo need to buy some new ones to add to my collection for summer!! Thanks for sharing x

  10. Ann Nicholas says:

    I love these outfits!!!! #3 is definitely my favorite, I feel like I need to go out and buy a kimono and some white jeans now!

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