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Posted on: April 10, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

I have continued to have an absolute ball working with the uber talented and stylish Amber Harrison, Style and Trend Expert of Wedding Paper Divas, a division of Shutterfly.
It’s not uncommon to find her in front of the camera, whether it be at media events or in her latest ongoing project, filming short videos that focus on wedding tips called “Small Talk, Big Day”.
So my job is to help this lady look even more fabulous! As I have said before, Amber is one of my top five stylish Mumma’s, but she has zero time, so she looks to me to support her in putting together outfits for the camera. So I wanted to give you another behind the scenes glimpse on working with the wonderful lady since my last post featuring Amber, titled Lights, Camera, Style.
You can click through to the videos at the end to see Amber in action and get some ah-mazing wedding tips for your own big day. The videos are also available at the Wedding Paper Diva’s channel of You Tube HERE OR through

I adore this dress, especially the color! The tapered cuffs are just so cute, with the perfect amount of billow. Paired with a gold belt and a fabulous statement necklace.
Above is the set we are working with, where all the magic of Small Talk, Big Day takes place. We need to work with the design and colors to compliment in what she wears on set. Multiple locations are used whether it be sitting on that incredible pink lounger, standing at the desk or sitting in front of  the laptop. What FUN!

Love the design of this blouse and the black and white colors compliment the colors in the set. It’s paired with a fabulous black tulle skirt!
The circular shapes in her statement necklace match the long sleeves of her sweater.  And check out that set wall – circular!
If you want YummoMummo in your wardrobe for style and inspiration,  go to my ‘Work with me’ page.
Want to see the full video? They run under 2 minutes each. 

Social Media Ettiqutte for Weddings
If you are watching from a mobile device, click HERE
Mailing Wedding Invitations – Tips and Advice
If you are watching from a mobile device, click HERE

What is your favorite outfit combination?

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9 responses to “MORE Lights, Camera, Style! X”

  1. My eyes were drawn to that carpet, it is fabulous x

  2. I love the set decor especially the arrangement of the books! So chic!

  3. Ursula Ball says:

    Love your review with this lady…I would love to have a crew someday for my professional blogging!! Def. pass her name along!

  4. Laura Ferry says:

    Loving the styling here, the decor is fabulous but Amber looks even more incredible! xxx

  5. Mimi Kitten says:

    Everything is so perfect, you go girl!

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