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Posted on: March 6, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

Amber Harrison
Style & Trend Expert for Wedding Paper Divas.
Photo credit Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what fabulousness goes into styling someone for a media event?  Well, I am here to take you behind the scenes on all the glitz and glamour.
I was recently asked by Amber Harrison, the Style and Trend Expert for Wedding Paper Divas, to help style her for an upcoming media event in LA. An event to launch the new partnership between Wedding Paper Divas and celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss.   Now, if I had to count my top 5 stylish Diva’s, Amber would make the list, but, Amber has zero time to shop and style herself for an event, that’s where YummoMummo steps in!

Amber Harrison & Mindy Weiss
Photo credit Dennis Kwan Photography
(notice the dresser and chair embedded in succulents!)
To read more on the partnership between Wedding Paper Divas and Mindy Weiss, click HERE.

Amber let me know a few important facts about her and the event. We knew what Mindy Weiss would be wearing (for clashing purposes), the photo backdrop and that it was a day event.   Knowing this and other things are key to pulling together what would be an ah-mazing outfit, one that she would feel incredible in and ooze style and sophistication.
So fast forward to many hours online and creating sets on Polyvore, and then I finally nailed down the inspiration for Amber’s outfit……………………………….

Styled by YummoMummo on POLYVORE. Click for details.

She purchased the skirt from Italy and it arrived in 3 days, and fit perfectly!  Next, the blouse and accessories. We ordered the bow blouse (pictured above) but it didn’t arrive in time.But onward and upward, we located a similar shirt, the Brooks Brothers Oxford Dress shirt that she actually wore for the event. Would you believe Amber already had the black heels and bow earrings in her wardrobe. Meant to be!

And lastly, the perfect manicure would have to be a black tipped French Manicure, so chic and complimentary to her outfit. Ooh La La.

So much fun consulting for Wedding Paper Divas, a division of Shutterfly. If you need YummoMummo for yourself, I can be contacted at [email protected]

And thanks to the gorgeous Amber Harrison for allowing me to feature her!

Let me know your thoughts? I read and respond to ALL comments. 

12 responses to “Lights, Camera, Style! x”

  1. love the skirt and heels, they're fab!

  2. Love the skirt and manicure! I'll have to try those nails for myself 🙂


  3. Laura Ferry says:

    Oh wow I love the whole outfit, you did such a good job with the styling! Those nails look pretty cute too! I often do this with nude and bronze! xxx

  4. So cute! Nice job YummoMummo!

  5. Fantastic job! I love the whole outfit and I think I prefer the shirt that the blouse. Also the nails are beautiful!

  6. Kylie wenn says:

    I love you dress and your nail art!~ You look so fabulously beautiful!~

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