BREAK UP with your (expired) MAKE UP x

Posted on: March 3, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

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Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! I rarely go through  my make up, but more for the fact that I don’t want to accept that some of my favorite products might need to hit the bin.  I  have only two mascaras open at a time, as their expiry is especially short at 3 months. Next on my mascara wish list is Benefit’s new mascara – Roller Lash which was just released February 27th. Check out Benefit’s Roller Lash at Sephora stores here.   I am thrilled to see lipsticks last 2 years, not that they last that long for me before I use them up.  Check out the chart below for all expiry dates.

Some more guidelines to keep you’re makeup in tip top shape, which in turn will help you look fabulous!


  • Wash your hands before applying.
  • Don’t share makeup.
  • Do not add water or saliva to dilute makeup.
  • Keep cosmetics in a dry area, away from direct heat or sunlight.

If you’re still unsure about a product, here are some warning signs that will tell you if it has expired:

  • The product’s smell has changed.
  • It has been exposed to prolonged heat.
  • There is an obvious colour or textural change.
  • Mould is evident. *Warning and guidelines information credit Readers Digest Best Health.

I hope you have enjoyed this very important and informative post on make up expiry dates. Now that Spring is upon us, time to do some spring cleaning. What expiry date surprised you the most?
Leave me a comment below with your choice? I read and respond to ALL comments.

3 responses to “BREAK UP with your (expired) MAKE UP x”

  1. Denise R says:

    I'm guilty of holding onto products longer than I "should" but I also don't wear makeup often so I feel like they're not getting exposed to germs very much. Therefore, I judge whether or not stuff needs tossed based on whether the color, smell, or consistency has changed, like you mentioned. I think the hardest expiration period to stomach is for eye shadow. Who throws out their Naked palette after 2 years? lol

  2. Laura Ferry says:

    If I'm totally honest, I really don't care about the expiry date on makeup. As bad as it sounds, as long as I can clearly see that it hasn't gone off then I'll continue using it. I tend to continuously use the makeup in my stash anyway and spray it with IPA to get rid of germs. xxxx

  3. Mascara, always. Everything else, Nup. Specially eye shadows. Some I sill have from my Estée Lauder days over ten years ago!

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