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Posted on: February 3, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

First up, let’s just establish the obvious. Isn’t Hipsters for Sisters just the coolest name? It just oozes style, personality and fun.  LA based Hipsters for Sisters is the brainchild of Debra Denniston and her two daughters.

They have been featured in Look UK magazine as “elevating the retro bumbag to whole new levels of chic”. YummoMummo was lucky enough to get her stylish hands on two of their collection. I’d like to point out, I don’t just  collaborate with anyone, the product has to support my cause – to have fun with style.  And Hipsters for Sisters does just that!

The idea of these super chic hipster-style bags is to be able to hold your keys, wallet, phone, all the essentials needed for the day. I know myself, the moment I was able to unleash my diaper bag, it was truly liberating to travel light again. And for those with back pain, what a welcome alternative to heavy handbags, not to mention relief. At the end of this post, you will see an exclusive offer for YummoMummo readers from Hipsters for Sisters.

Rock’n the Black Veritas Belt Bag // $248 in the California sunshine.  Hipsters for Sisters is a California label.



I love the brass accents, totally my style. Elegant, classic, chic.


The Black Veritas Belt Bag comes with a coin purse so you’re ready to rock it at the park or the shops with your essentials.
Brass button holes, these bags are quality crafted. Choose the size that fits you best.
The Leopard Flat Belt Bag // $145. I love the gold chain and the super fun cheetah print. On a simple outfit, it’s all about this chic and stylish hipster for this sister. A very versatile bag, the gold chain can convert from around the waist to a cross body bag. LOVE that. www.hipstersforsisters.com


It’s very easy to totally remove the chain and create a fun and fabulous clutch.

I interviewed the Founder, Debra Denniston to give you some insight into Hipsters for Sisters.
Tell me about the birth of Hipsters for Sisters? 

I fell in love with the fanny pack when my daughters were just toddlers. I first began to use one  to hold my keys and wallet, which allowed me to leave the diabolical diaper bag unattended as I ran around at the park with my kids. It was so liberating that I started wearing it all the time. Years later, I started having back trouble  and my chiropractor said it was from carrying my handbag. I remembered how liberating the fanny pack had been and decided to design one that even my daughters would like. I knew I was on to something when both of my daughters not only liked the initial designs but wanted to jump on board for the ride.

What is your best style advice for your ‘Sisters’ out there? 

The best style advice I ever received was “To wear what you makes you happy, what you like and are comfortable in.” There is nothing more stylish than a woman who is happy with the way she looks and feels. If you are confident in what you wear,  people will copy you not realizing its the confidence they are seeking, rather than the clothes.
How did you come up with your fabulous name?
We are all about liberating women, not only from their physical baggage (big, heavy handbags) but from their emotional and intellectual baggage as well. The traditional handbag is really a symbol of our gender-based insecurities. If men can get through their day with just the contents of their pockets, why can’t we? Seriously. I can’t tell you the number of women that tell me they love our bags but could never get “all the stuff they need” in there. Well, we’re here to tell you “you don’t need all that stuff!” We view all women as our “sisters” and because one of our central missions to help liberate and empower them, we thought the name “Hipsters for Sisters” was apropos!
What is your background?
Although none of us has a background in fashion, all three of us enjoy design and have a good, natural eye for it. I’ve always been artistically inclined and taught myself to sew with a needle and thread when I was five.  However, I didn’t learn how to use a sewing machine until I was pregnant with Kate and decided to create a wardrobe of maternity clothes. In-between those milestones I worked as a waitress, an interior designer, and a lawyer. Over time I discovered that I’m only happy when I’m making things.
Tell me three things about yourself to help my readers get to know you a little better.
1. I am 58 years old and just starting a business when many of my friends are thinking its time to retire! I don’t think I will ever “retire” because I love what I do and can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing.
2. Sourcing materials for Hipsters for Sisters has made me much more aware of the precarious state of our planet. In fact, it has now become my number one concern and I feel compelled to take action to help change that.
3. I was born on the summer solstice and believe that’s the reason I am often mistaken for an extrovert.
Are your bags Vegan leather?
As I said earlier, sourcing materials for Hipsters for Sisters has made me much more aware of the precarious state of our planet and how the production of leather is a major contributor to climate change. None of our bags are made from leather, exotic skins or fur, and all of them are eco-friendly.
Any other things my ‘earth conscience‘ readers might like to know?
As a modern company, we are conscious of our responsibility to consider the future of the planet right along side the future of our designs. I can’t tell you the  number of times I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful woven vegan leather or another design only to discover that it contains PVC. Sourcing beautiful fabrics that are also earth friendly is still a big challenge and the financial costs are high, but it remains our top priority. We are committed to sustainability, produce all bags locally and ethically in Los Angeles and make it our goal to source only the most innovative, earth, people and animal friendly materials available for our products.Hipster for Sisters is offering YummoMummo readers a 10% discount (not valid on sale items). Simply key in ‘yummomummo’ at check out. Hipsters for Sisters can also ship internationally. Go to www.hipstersforsisters.com to make your purchase.

Disclaimer – The opinions expressed by myself are my own words. I was not gifted any bags but I do receive a percentage of sales from this blog post. The interview answers by Debra Denniston are her own words.

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  1. Love the bags, they're such a good size!

  2. These bags would be so so perfect for festivals! I love that you've interviewed the founder as well, its really intesting to learn how people come up woth these things!xx

  3. Denise R says:

    You make stripes look GOOD! The bags match the outfits perfectly! <3

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    I wish I could wear stripes that good. You look awesome!


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    I tried to comment several days ago, but looks like it didn't post. Anyhow, LOVE these and totally eye-ing the fringe one! thanks for introducing us to something else we wouldn't have otherwise know about!!

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    Given that I'm in bed catching up with your blog due to a bad back, I might buy one of these today! Loved the interview. Thanks!

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