What’s in HER handbag? An Orange County Yummy Mummy x

Posted on: January 9, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

I recently sat down with Los Angeles based Gabby Rodriguez of Everfitwgabby www.everfitwgabby.com. Gabby started EverfitwGabby as a platform to help women with their weight loss goals but in a healthy way. No guilt and no restrictions. On her site, she also shares her plant based diet lifestyle. She is also quite a fashionista herself and loves to play with fashion and style much like YummoMummo, so we have a lot in common.  You can learn more about Gabby on her website www.everfitwgabby.com and her YouTube channel Everfitwgabby www.youtube.com where she shares her recipe and lifestyle inspirations.
I sat down with Gabby for a Vegan based meal, and far out Brussell sprout, she makes Vegan food incredibly enticing and delicious.

So what does EverfitwGabby keep in her bag to keep her eating healthy as well as looking fabulous? Well, lets take a look…….
This is what Gabby carries around on a daily basis. Her wallet is from Avon, it extends out as shown and holds a multitude of credit/loyalty  cards, something every woman can appreciate. Bananas! I can imagine you are wondering why she carries bananas? She eats between 10-15 bananas a day! If you want to hear all about it, check out Gabby’s website www.everfitgabby.com
This book has given her a lot of insight into how food can effect her performance  in exercising and running. She recommends this book for anyone that is in a high performance career or that wants to function at their maximum potential in life. The Podcast is a bunch of different interviews from athletes, doctors, poets etc that are professionals in their fields and have incredible insight into how to live an amazing life. The Clif Bar is her snack of choice on the run. Yummy.
Her bag was a gift from her mother-in-law last Christmas. Being a Vegan, she totally appreciates that it’s made of Vegan leather, which means she can still have the leather look without compromising her beliefs.





She loves Mark’s Moon Chill Berry hand cream from Avon. It is very hydrating and smells very berry delicious. And what’s in her makeup bag? She has a collection of on the go beauty products that she just adores such as Pacifica Enlightened Gloss in Nude which is a Vegan brand & is cruelty free. And she just can’t live without her Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume which is made of essential oils and is chemical free. If you want to get in touch with Gabby and are inspired by her lifestyle, she can be contacted at::
Facebook: Everfitwgabby Page
Instagram : @everfitwgabby
Twitter: @goldgabyahoo
Tumblr: Everfitwgabby
You Tube Channel: EverfitwGabby

14 responses to “What’s in HER handbag? An Orange County Yummy Mummy x”

  1. Carol Wang says:

    After seeing what Gabby has in her handbag, it made me realize maybe I carry too much stuff and should get a makeup bag to be more organized, lol. That makeup bag, wallet, and purse all look super cute! I heard of Pacifica but I am not sure why its popular. Good to know that it's vegan friendly + cruelty free. 🙂

    Aside from that…I love the idea for this kind of blog post, its very creative and different. From reading your "about me" section, I agree with your view on the importance of promoting women's empowerment and choosing to use fashion as a form of self expression. 🙂 I will follow you on IG.

    x Carol

  2. I always carry a hand cream in my handbag, it's a MUST have item. Another thing that is always in my bag is a lip balm, can't be without it especially in the winter time.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Brigette says:

    Cool, I love posts like this because I'm a curious cat and wants to know what other people like <3 Thank you so much for sharing and I want to try that hand cream so bad! xx Thanks for sharing.

    xo Brigette | brigetteramos.com

    • Im totally a curious cat too! Look out for my future post on this cream as well as layering it with the body wash and body mist! If you want that cream, I know a contact if you want to order as it's Avon.

  4. Denise Rose says:

    Thanks for sharing! That hand cream looks like something I need to try! Also, I love these kinds of posts. I need to do one myself soon! 🙂

  5. This was such a great idea. She does seem like a very inspiring person, which you can tell just from the items in her handbag. Great job!


  6. Such a creative blog post idea! I love "what's in my bag" videos and photos. And 10-15 bananas PER DAY? Wow. Definitely going to check out her blog because of this post. Thanks!


  7. What an innovative post! Its really exciting to find new products and brands that one has never used before. And yes, 10-15 bananas made me curious too! I'm surely gonna look up her site to find out more about vegan diets and the secret behind the bananas. I used to think that bananas makes one fat, but she looks lovely! 🙂

  8. I am definitely going to have to try out that hand cream. Thanks for sharing!

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