7-day Nail Polish Challenge x

Posted on: January 20, 2015 by Yummo Mummo

I had heard some great things about new nail polish technologies that were gel like without having to expose your nails to the UV light. I LOVE the look of Gel polish and I love how it stays on so well, BUT I hate what it does to my nails. I feel it takes twice as long to repair my nails than I it did the time I got to enjoy the Gel manicure. So I set out to see if I could still achieve the look, but without the damage.  I applied 3 coats and over 7 days just watched and waited, and took some pictures for you along they way so you could see for yourself. As a Mum of three little ones, my feet hit the ground running each morning and my hands are constantly cleaning, washing, sorting & holding all day long. It’s obvious to me I am just the person to see if this nail polish can stand up to some heat from this busy YummoMummo.  Some important points I kept my eye out for while on my nail challenge watchdog was:

  • Would  it need touching up?
  • Would it keep it’s shine?
  • Would it handle my pan hands lifestyle?
  • Would it chip? Oh lordy, I hope not!
I picked up a new (for me) nail polish by a company called NailsInc that advertise they have “Placticiser Technology” and “No UV Needed”. NailsInc is from the UK and is apparently  a top seller there, but this was the first time I had seen them in the USA . They have a new Spring/Summer 2015 collection in collaboration with Victoria Beckham coming. The polish has Placticiser technology which is a whole lot of science but basically it is a plastic additive that the polish has so that when it dries it has a finished look of shine and thickness like most gel manicures and is long lasting, up to 2 weeks.


Day 1. The challenge is on like donkey kong!
Nailsinc Gel Effect in ‘New Oxford Street’. $14.


Day 2. Sunday. A day of rest, but still never enough time to just sit down and file my nails.


Day 3. Monday. Crazy busy morning doing Monday morning errands, these hands sure got a work out. Day ended with four loads of laundry to fold.
Day 4. Tuesday. Did a bit of pot scrubbing and cleaning out the fridge. Got a workout at the gym that evening.


Day 5. Wednesday. Today was an exceptionally rough day for the nails and they held their own (sort of). Volunteer day at pre-school so I was making 24 Christmas tree candy cones, digging in the sand and cleaning toilets. I live a luxurious life as you can see!


Day 6. Thursday. As usual, a busy day. These hands folded three loads of laundry, scrubbed a few more pots, read countless books to my sick little man, zoomed around the supermarket and then worked out at the gym. A few little chips here and there but still good in my opinion for Day 6. One day to go, will they stand the test?


Day 7. Last day for the challenge. They survived.

The verdict – I think if I could of done touch ups throughout the challenge, they would of lasted even better as I did start to see some chipping about Day 6.  The polish did start to lose it’s shine about Day4/5, but that didn’t surprise me. But all in all, this nail polish stood up to the day to day challenges of a busy Mum of three little ones. Bravo!

And another great thing is…. it came off super easy and with no UV damage. Hooray!


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*Disclosure: I am not a trained photographer nor trained in how to pose for photos, I am just a Mum trying to share some insights and inspiration with you. In being truly authentic to my cause, I have used my own clothes and used myself in the photos whole-heartily. Enjoy!

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12 responses to “7-day Nail Polish Challenge x”

  1. Thank you for doing all the hard work of testing this out!! Can't wait to get some new polish!!!

  2. This is such a great challenge to really put a nail polish to the test! I haven't tried the nails inc gel colours yet but i'm tempted to take a trip to Selfridges now after seeing the longevity! xx

  3. Brigette says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I overlooked Nails Inc polishes but I may need to pick a few up to try for myself too. <3

    xo Brigette from http://www.brigetteramos.com

    • I had not seen them before either Brigette, but I am glad I came across them. I wanted to to try a lighter shade but for the purpose of the readers really being able to see the color, I went darker. Good excuse to get a lighter shade on the next trip:) x

  4. Soooo it looks like I need to go shopping now haha. I'm getting so sick of my favorite polishes chipping (between working for a sports league, at a gym and as a waitress, they take a beating too!) so I may need to invest in a new tactic. Thanks for testing it 🙂


  5. mizzmoi says:

    SUCH a good idea, I would have never thought of doing that haha!

  6. Wow, this stuff sounds excellent! I'm also really rough on my hands, so no polish ever holds up. I will definitely be checking this out!!

  7. I have GOT to try this. Thanks for doing the challenge! I'm terrible at keeping polish on for too long, 4 and 5 year old boys here. 🙂 Sometimes I just don't have the time to do my nails and knowing I'd be good for a week alone makes this worth trying out for myself!

  8. I think I just had a comment get eaten by the internet. 🙂 Anyways, thanks for taking this challenge for us all to see. I have 4 and 5 year old boys and my nails take a beating some weeks, good to know there's a gel alternative out there that actually holds up!

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