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Posted on: November 18, 2014 by Yummo Mummo

I was asked to go through a wardrobe and it was truly so much fun, I just had to share.
Our goal was to go through her entire wardrobe including clothing and accessories and see –

  • what items she liked/ felt good wearing (this shows and is important)
  • what was outdated/ill-fitting/had lost shape
  • what items she simply hadn’t worn for many seasons or was pre-pre-pre kids
  • some tips on the best way to dress for her body shape
  • what staples she did(n’t) have
  • what items could be updated e.g a fresh white tee
  •  And lastly, assess her accessory situation i.e what she did(n’t)  have. And how to best utilize the accessories she has.  Accessories are a HUGE asset when it comes to your wardrobe. Trust me, I’m the Accessories Queen, read my “Im the Accessories Queen” post!!

Simply put, she is a busy Mum (Mom) to three little ones and needs to know what she can wear and feel fabulous in, in a New York minute.  I decided to make three piles-

  1. Items to keep
  2. Items to donate or save for a ‘clothing swap’.
  3. Items that can be simply and inexpensively altered. Here you have to decide if the piece is of good enough value to alter it, or you might as well simply buy it again. Eg, it’s worth altering a $200 pair of jeans vs altering a $20 shirt.

Another idea instead of donating, is to put aside your clothes and organize a night with your girlfriends for a good old “Clothing Swap”. We all have things in our closets that we think would look great on our girlfriends and vice versa. I myself, have picked up some amazingly fun jackets from a clothing swap. And don’t just stop at clothes, add jewelry and handbags, shoes, scarves etc, your children’s’ clothing. As we went through her closet, we wrote down staples that could be added to her wardrobe or pieces that needed to be freshened up.  I wanted to show her the different outfits she could make with her “keep” items so we decided to document below how we have taken some items and worked on how they can be worn different ways.   I really think it’s beneficial to photograph and document your own outfits (you could either do this by laying them out on the bed or actually photograph yourself wearing them). If you are ever stuck for what to wear that day, think of it as your ‘cheat sheet’.

I just adored this midnight blue sweater with a golden burnt orange oriental design. Here we have dressed it up and then worn it more casually, by adding the denim jacket and swapping out the heels for flats.
And again, with the same sweater, to make it more casual, we ‘prepped’ it out by draping it over her shoulders but still seeing the gorgeous design from behind. And by adding cheetah slip on sneakers! Since there is so much space between the two prints, they are not competing.


We have the same camo top and jeggings changing from ‘day to night’. We switched out the sneakers for heels, added a black statement necklace, changed out the jacket and earrings and voila….. from the school run to drinks with the girls!


This black dress is a true staple in her closet and she’s had it for many moons. Here she is wearing it casually, two different ways.
Here you can see by taking a basic base of a pencil skirt and a denim shirt and adding high heels and this fabulously fun fur jacket, she’s ready to go and have some fun! The shirt could be tucked in or tied.


A favorite dress of hers. She normally wears it like on the left, which I think is super cute and comfortable. On the right, we switched out the shoes for cheetah flats, and added a denim jacket with maroon embellished flower for another way to wear the dress casually.
Here we had some more fun with the black dress. On the left, she is ready to rock the Sunday morning markets. On the right, we added the fun fur vest and a pop of color in the red shoes for something really different.


We really hope you enjoyed seeing the wardrobe transformation. It was so much fun that it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share it.  Big shout out to the lovely lady, Suze,  in the photos for letting me share her particular experience with you all.

Any commments? You know where they go, down below. Keep on Stylin!

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