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Posted on: November 13, 2014 by Yummo Mummo

As a busy Mum (Mom), I know that time, the lack of it, is always a factor for me. I  have very limited time so I wanted to show you four very easy hair tutorials to give you some inspiration if you find yourself with an extra 5 minutes to get ready. Who doesn’t want to rock a super cute braid or a big fat hair bun?

Many thanks to my hair model, the yummy April. It’s a bit hard to photograph myself doing this so she willingly agreed to let me use her beautiful tresses.
As you know, I am fan of You Tube tutorials so check out all the cute hair style suggestions out there and you will find the right one for you. Also, Pinterest is another great place to find some inspiration and ‘Pin’ it for another moment when you have time to play around.  You know I always say that styling is really all about mucking around and playing with style, so this is exactly what we did here.
Style Number. 1 – Our first hair tutorial is going to require nothing but two elastic bands . A variation on this is to pull the hair into a fun bun or continue to leave the rest of the hair down and out and just tuck it behind your ear. This is also a hair style that got me through when I was growing out my bangs/fringe. Disclosure : if I do this when I am really close to needing my highlights done, it can really show my regrowth so best to do closer to just having highlights done.
Steps: Top Left – seperate the bangs/fringe section from rest of hair, Top Right – start braiding/plaiting. Bottom Left – plait all the way to end. Bottom Right – you can leave like this OR…. turn it in to a cute bun with all the left over hair!

Style Number. 2 – The second one is using the EZ Twist Hair Styling Tool from While we are on the subject of Claires, if you have a  look in store in online at their Styling Tools you will get a lot of inspiration for making Vintage Rolls or Pretzel Braids, things to really help you create some fun looks.

If you want to take this lovely side style a step further, keep tucking it over and in, secure with some pins  and you will get this lovely number…………..



Style Number. 3 – Our third hair tutorial includes a “Hair Donut” that is really going to let us fatten out a regular hair bun. I have bought mine from H&M instore for $2.95 and it comes in many colors to match your own hair color, although I feel that doesn’t matter too much as the donut gets hidden.

Once you secure the bun with the elastics, pull it out a bit to ‘fatten’ it out. Then pin the wispy bits in to tidy it up.


Such a classic and elegant look.

Style Number. 4 – Our final hairstyle is incorporating our second and third tutorial. I love love love the look of this from the back, it’s a little different.  Doing a braid with your head upside down was a bit challenging for me but I know with some practice it will come easier and I also know we all didn’t find it easy to braid hair when we were learning many moons ago.  As they say, Practice Makes Perfect! And who knows, you might be more co-ordinated than me from the get-go.

Turn your head upside-down, start braiding half your hair from the neck  and secure with an elastic so you have a high ponytail. Then go back to hair tutorial THREE and make a bun as shown.



So there you have it my stylish friends. Many thanks again to my wonderful hair model, April, she certainly has gorgeous hair. Some styles might seem daunting to begin with, but if you find yourself home one night with a glass of wine, head on over to the bathroom mirror and give it a try!
Keep on styling!  Any comments? You know where they go, down below.

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