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Posted on: October 7, 2014 by Yummo Mummo

As you all know I can be a bit of a jewelry junkie and I recently attended a Stella & Dot Trunk show at a neighbours house. I was keen to get my hands on the pieces as I had perused the website and I liked what I saw – alot.
There is a plethora of jewlery pieces to please everyone. Delicate pieces, chunky pieces, monogrammed pieces, things for your little girls/big girls, earrings, bracelets, purses, Ipad covers, pouf bags, diaper bags, jewelry travel cases, statement pieces, handbags, scarves… the list goes on.
So what did I choose, I hear you say? …….. The Lila Necklace! $69 (well priced in my opinion)
Look at the smile on my face, do I look happy wearing it? YES!


The packaging is both beautiful and practical, I can keep the necklace safe and sound when I am not wearing it.

My daughter came with me and along with the yummy refreshments the host supplied us, she loved looking at the line they carry for girls her age. She is highly allergic to nickel in earrings so we were happy Stella & Dot carry Sterling Silver pieces.  She is 8 and quite a fashionista in the making. She chose these pieces……
Again, look at the adorable packaging to store it in!  From Paris with Love necklace $22, trio earring set in Sterling Silver $50.
As you can see in the pictures below, some examples of the many varied styles of jewelry to please everyone from those that like a statement piece to those that like wearing something a bit more delicate.
Fanella Statement Necklace $168


These more delicate necklaces range from $44 to $59


Janice Studs $24


Somervell Necklace $59/Elodie Necklace $89


Monogrammed pieces $36-$70

I was also highly impressed with this fabulous tote that could take you from day to night. Carry all your bits in the big tote by day and then simply snap off the evening bag when you go to meet your girlfriends for cocktails.

The Shift BLACK PERF $198


So there you have it, my fellow Yummo Mummo’s. Hope you enjoyed looking at some very lovely pieces of jewelry. Feel free to leave me a comment/suggestion below. If you want to purchase yourself, you need to do it through a stylist. I used
Keep on Stylin!
Please note: I am in no way affiliated with Stella&Dot and write this blog post from my own experience at a Trunk show. Based on this Yummomummo’s personal style and opinion.

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  1. Love your choice of necklace and I agree the price is good. I'm guessing you'd pair that with most thing from casual with jeans and a nice blouse to very dressy? Are there any particular styling rules when it comes to statement jewerly pieces?

  2. Your right Natasha, it would look great with anything from a party dress to a button down shirt to just simply on a plain white tee base, very versatile piece. Some rules would be: Style it with a simple outfit, keep the rest of your jewelry simple (earings), if larger bust then opt for shorter piece so doesn't sit on bust, and lastly, when choosing the statement piece be sure to choose a color that goes with your existing wardrobe. Hope that helps, thanks for commenting. x

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