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Posted on: October 31, 2014 by Yummo Mummo

Sweater season has arrived and I wanted to celebrate and share a fabulous sweater I picked up at H&M last weekend. AND I see it is on sale now for $15 online, I paid $24.95 full price (but it’s still a steal at full price).

This sweater could be worn in so many different ways. You could place a tank top underneath as I did, or you could add a fabulous button down shirt. You know I have been talking a lot about denim and chambray recently and chambray shirt would pair beautifully. I wore the outfit with red ballet flats but could you imagine how cute this outfit would look with a red button down shirt or a red tank top underneath peeping through. Add a denim jacket for an extra layer.
Other shoe ideas could be boots (personally I would of worn brown boots to break up the black on bottom half, but black boots either knee or ankle would be just as great). See below for all the other designs available in this sweater. This sweater is lightweight and is 20% nylon, 65% acrylic, 15% wool. Machine wash on cold, hang or lay flat to dry. The Jean leggings I am wearing are my NYDJ velvet pair as shown in my Nordstrom Rack Style on a Budget post. I have had so much wear out of them and it’s not even winter yet! I’m winning! 

Polka Dot
Beige/ Striped

As you can see, the back is a little bit longer than the front, just slightly, but enough for a bit of trunk coverage.

Beige / Patterned
Navy Blue

*Disclosure: I am not a trained photographer nor trained in how to pose for photos, I am just a Mum trying to share some insights and inspiration with you. In being truly authentic to my cause, I have used my own clothes and used myself in the photos whole-heartily. Enjoy!

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  1. Love me a polka dot anything but this sweater is adorable and so versatile. I am wondering though how you know how to work that camera so well. Looks like your having so much fun! What a nice idea it would be for all us ladies and mums to give ourselves a little selfie photo shoot for fun sometimes. A great memento looking back in 20+ years too.

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