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Posted on: September 15, 2014 by Yummo Mummo

An absolute staple in any woman’s closet is indeed The LBD (Little Black Dress), even a few of them – in different styles (more fitted/flared).  You can totally change the look of an outfit by choosing some amazing accessories including jewelry, clutch and shoes. As you know, I’m a major fan of lipstick so a little of that can go a long way too. I decided to share with you my LBD outfit from last Saturday night when I put on my dancing shoes and my smokey eye make-up and hit the dance floor! I decided to add some fun accessories to add some color to this outfit than just straight black.
My bracelets were a rhinestone leather wrist cuff (Nordstrom Rack, current $9.95), some bangles (Forever 21 years ago) and a stretchy gold bracelet (one of a stackable bunch of Avon Mark 4 bracelets, I added them together to add volume/length as I didn’t like the cuff alone. The chunky chain necklace (Nordstrom Rack, current, Union and 21 brand $29.95)  definitely added quite a bit of bling, but chunky jewelry suits my body type and I’m never scared to try a statement accessory. I also think this necklace would look great with a button down shirt.


This dress is from Table Eight ( and I bought it in Australia years ago (about 15 years ago!) and it has taken me to many a fancy affaire. Even a Flapper party! It’s a black lacey, sequenced sheath over a thick black lining. You can see at my calves the lace detail. Love Love Love this dress. I chose some shoes that were strappy to add a bit of fun. The straps were very supporting of my ankles. I don’t have dainty ankles but I wanted to try a current shoe trend so by choosing the three straps broken up VS one big block of black across the ankle, it doesn’t bulk up my ankles and cut me off.


The shoes are Julianne Hough for Sole Society (Nordstrom $80 They are a black eyelet leather with a heel zipper, it’s the little details. I literally have to sit down to get them on but they look fabulous, so whatever it takes.
Last thing I added to the outfit was a smoky eye! As you know, I highly recommend You Tube tutorials and I found a great one by a lovely young Australian girl named Lauren Curtis I used a purple pallette and blended, blended, blended! 

So I really hope you have enjoyed sharing my Saturday night LBD party outfit, I really enjoyed sharing it with you. Pretty please leave a comment below or any suggestions of things you would like me to share. Keep on Styling!


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  1. What a stunning look. Time for me to go digging through the back of my wardrobe for the LBD I'd forgotten about. You do a great job Mel showing how a few key accessories really make the outfit and that they don't have to be the newest items around or highly priced. pretty and polished!

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